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AfSHG Spotlight Paper & Form

AfSHG Spotlight Paper

In an effort to recognise and highlight the work and achievements of African Scientists working in the field of genetics and genomics contributing to the overall vision of AfSHG.  It is a pleasure to announce the AfSHG Spotlight Paper (AfSHG SPY), which will showcase outstanding scientific papers written by AfSHG members.

Eligibility for Nomination:

  • The nominee must be a current standing member of the African local Society of Human Genetics in their respective country or can join soon after this nomination.
  • The nominator must also be a current standing member of the AfSHG.
  • The nominee must be the first author of the nominated paper (co-first author is acceptable).
  • Self-nominations are eligible.
  • The nominated paper must have been published within the last year of the nomination.

Please complete the form below to nominate an outstanding AfSHG research paper. We recognize that there are many subfields in human genetics and welcome nomination of good, peer-reviewed papers regardless of where they are published.

A) AfSHG SPY– Nomination
(Please provide the date that the paper was published. Note that papers older than 1 year will only be considered in extraordinary circumstances).
(Please provide the full citation for the paper you are nominating. Note that the nominee must be the first author or a co-first author).
(Please provide a direct URL to the paper on the publisher's website. Note that papers under review are NOT eligible).
v) What is the topic category of your paper?
B) Nominee Information
Please provide information about the trainee you wish to nominate for consideration for the AfSHG Spotlight Paper for YAS. Please note, self-nomination is accepted.
(Please provide the first and last name of the trainee you are nominating (including degrees, e.g. PhD) for the Trainee Paper Spotlight).
(Please provide the best email address to contact the nominee).
iii) Nominee's Position
(Please provide the nominee's current position).
(Please provide the name and details of the nominee's current affiliated institution (do NOT abbreviate)).
(Please provide the name of the nominee's current mentor, PI, or supervisor).
vi) Is the nominee an AfSHG current standing member?
C) Nominator Information
Please provide the following information ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT NOMINATING YOURSELF.
(Please do not abbreviate).
iv) What is your relationship to the nominee?